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New record of Tundish from Guoliang Special Refractory: 51 hours, 23 minutes, 15023 tons
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Mar. 29, 2021 - Tangshan Guoliang special refractory is a refractory products and solutions provider in China. In order to improve the production efficiency of continuous casting, Tangshan Guoliang was invited by a Steel Group to carry out production test in tundish of continuous caster.

It is understood that it is a T-shaped double flow slab tundish, with stopper flow control, long-life magnesium dry vibrating mix used in the working layer, High-performance Magnesium prefabs and the overall refractory materials are provided by Guoliang. The tundish was started at 13:37 on February 26, 2021 and stopped at 17:00 on February 28, 2021. The service life of refractory materials in tundish was 51 hours and 23 minutes, 115 heats and 15023 tons of steel volume, which broke the highest record of refractory material service life under the same production environment in China.

Upper nozzle plate surface: after offline inspection, the upper nozzle plate surface has no obvious scratch and expanding phenomenon.

The service life of refractory material of double strands slab tundish with stopper flow control is 51 hours and 23 minutes, and 15023 tons of steel. This record reflects a breakthrough in steel-making technology of the steel group, which is also a great affirmation of the technical strength and product quality of Guoliang special refractory. It also interprets the enterprise vision of Guoliang to "Make green refractories, create the advanced brand in the industry".

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