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Guoliang Refractory opens a green and intelligent manufacturing line
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Sep. 30, 2020 - Tangshan Guoliang Special Refractory Company announced the launch of a new green and intelligent manufacturing line this month. After more than two hundred days of hard work, day and night challenges, a new digital production workshop is completed. The entire production line adopts the world's advanced intelligent storage system, automatic feeding and mixing system, automatic pressing and forming, automatic drying, laser visual inspection and intelligent palletizing system, which realizes the whole process information management and control. The project has been rigorously demonstrated in terms of project feasibility, market research, geological survey, design, bidding, environmental protection, and energy saving.


The completion of the project refreshed Hebei province's digital equipment record in the refractory industry, and won the favor of government departments at all levels, as well as the approval of many experts and entrepreneurs in the industry. 

Guoliang attended the 2nd China International Matallurgical Furnace Charge Exposition (also called CIRIE 2020) held in Tangshan during Sept. 22-24 and its concurrent events, like "the Eighth Executive Council (Expanded) Conference of the Association of China Refractories Industry", "Digital empowerment and Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit" as well as the "Refractory Industry Stable Chain and Solid Chain Symposium". Digital empowerment, as one of the three themes of this expo, became a hot topic.


At the meetings, Mr. Dong Guoliang, Chairman of Guoliang Refractory, emphasized that in the next step, the work of the association will focus on "One Core, Four Cardinal Principles " to carry out in-depth service work, one core is to stabilize the supply chain and solid chain as the core, in the international and domestic dual cycle economic operation environment Provide member units with services related to procurement, production and sales; the four cardinal principles are: adhere to the guidance of industry data, adhere to the guidance of openness and cooperation, adhere to the guidance of fair competition and industry win-win, adhere to the green and intelligent manufacturing Digital empowerment is the guide.


Mr. Dong also mentioned in his speech that refractory companies, as the upstream industry of steel, are still at the beginning of digitalization. The digitalization of production intelligence and internal management. Our furnace materials and refractory companies have a lot of articles to do in terms of digital layout. We need to see the future and find gaps; discover methods and use tools so that traditional manufacturing can also leverage Digital empowerment enters the fast lane of development. At the same time, we call on all colleagues in the refractory industry to strengthen corporate self-discipline and eliminate malicious competition. Entrepreneurs should return to corporate technological innovation, equipment upgrades, and fine management to create high-quality refractory materials and provide quality services.

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